Upgrade script from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo 7

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First version of the script: https://src.openvz.org/projects/OVZL/repos/ovztransfer/browse

How to use[edit]

  • Clone script to source OpenVZ HN
  • Put the ssh key to destination HN for root user
  • Start script example:
 ./ovztransfer.sh 400:12345
 : migrate Container 400 to 12345 on HN

Syntax is:

 $ ./ovztransfer.sh
 Usage: ./ovztransfer.sh HOSTNAME SOURCE_VEID0:[TARGET_VEID0] ...

It should migrate any OpenVZ Container, but OS template will be dropped for unsupported OS templates (so, it's will be impossible to use vztt with such Containers after migration). venet's and second level quota migrated too.

If you want to use specific SSH options, make sure to edit the script and set SSH_OPTS variable correctly. Beware that there are several SSH calls and one SCP call for which these options are used as well, so you must choose arguments format that works with both programs. For example, if you want to use a different port, you can't use "-p 2222", because that works for SSH but not for SCP (for scp it's equivalent argument is -P - capital P). It's best to use -o ssh_option=value format that works with both programs, for example "-o Port=2222".

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