Using Virtuozzo in the Microsoft Azure

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To allow users to familiarize themselves with improved containers technology of Virtuozzo 7 and to maximize Azure instance utilization along with security and isolation we introduce Virtuozzo 7 image for Microsoft Azure.

Note that:

  • Virtuozzo 7 image is shipped only for version 7.

Steps to provisioning Virtuozzo in Azure[edit]

  • Log into the Azure Virtual Machine Marketplace, search for the image from Odin, then click the selected product.
  • Check the product description to verify it suits your needs. Then click the "Create the Virtual Machine" button.
  • Click Create button again.
  • Enter all required information like hostname, user and password, choose authentication type, pricing tier and other properties.
  • Click Create button.
  • Login to Azure Management Portal.

Login to just created VM:

  • Click Virtual Machines in left menu;
  • Click on your OpenVZ VM;
  • Click the Dashboard and see VM's PUBLIC VIRTUAL IP (VIP) ADDRESS;
  • Connect to the VM via ssh:
# ssh <username>@<Public VIP Address>
  • To operate with OpenVZ you need to enter sudo mode:
# sudo -i

How to access to your container from the Internet[edit]

Azure allows to have only two external IPs per VMs network adapter: Virtual IP (VIP) and instance-level public IP address (PIP). More details about IP addresses assignment see in Azure documentation. Some Azure Tiers allow to have multiple NICs per VM. But you can not attach multiple IPs to these NICs. Thus in most cases you need to use NAT to give your containers access to external networks.