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An OpenVZ container can join an IPsec VPN - specifically the type provided by the Cisco VPN client and 'vpnc' package.

Using the Cisco VPN client[edit]

The Cisco VPN client can be downloded from Cisco, if you have an account with them. It builds a kernel module.

I have not tested this, so I don't have any instructions to set it up.

Elronxenu 19:46, 15 November 2007 (EST)

Using the 'vpnc' package[edit]

The vpnc package is part of Debian. It runs entirely in userspace. There's a daemon which communicates with a remote VPN gateway and provides a local TUN device as a network interface for the container to use. Here are brief instructions to get it going:

  1. When using kernel 2.6.18, use revision ovz028stab047 or later. Earlier revisions are unable to create a raw socket of the necessary protocol.
  2. Enable the TUN device within your container. See VPN via the TUN/TAP device.
  3. Firewall configuration: allow UDP port 500 in and out of your client. This is used for authentication setup.
  4. Firewall configuration: allow protocol 50 (0x32) in and out of your client. This is used for VPN data.