Zimbra on OpenVZ on Debian

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These are instructions for getting Zimbra to work under OpenVZ using a Debian-3.1 (sarge) base. They are inspired by Zimbra on OpenVZ on CentOS...

Prepare the container[edit]


Create a Debian 3.1 (sarge) template (Debian template creation)


Create a container for Zimbra. Make sure it has at least 6GB of free disk space available.


Adjust its resource limts:

         vzctl set $CTID \
               --kmemsize      30000000:30000000 \
               --privvmpages   2400000:2400000 \
               --shmpages      256:256 \
               --numproc       2000:2000 \
               --numtcpsock    1000:1000 \
               --numflock      10000:10000 \
               --tcpsndbuf     640000:650000 \
               --tcprcvbuf     640000:650000 \
               --othersockbuf  640000:650000 \
               --numothersock  1000:1000 \
               --numfile       16384:16384 \
               --iptables      ipt_REJECT \
               --iptables      ipt_tos \
               --iptables      ipt_limit \
               --iptables      ipt_multiport \
               --iptables      iptable_filter \
               --iptables      iptable_mangle \
               --iptables      ipt_TCPMSS \
               --iptables      ipt_tcpmss \
               --iptables      ipt_ttl \
               --iptables      ipt_length \

Warning.svg Warning: The above UBC values might not be consistent; see UBC consistency check.

No Hostname[edit]

Use vzctl to give it an IP address but not a hostname:

 vzctl set $CTID --ip A.B.C.D --save

Add/Remove packages[edit]

Enter the container and install/remove some packages:

   dpkg --purge exim4
   apt-get install sudo libidn11 curl fetchmail \
           libgmp3 libxml2 openssl libstdc++6 
   apt-get install perl perl-modules libexpat1 ssh file

For Debian 4 (etch) :

   dpkg --purge exim4
   apt-get install install sudo libidn11 curl fetchmail \
           libgmp3c2 libxml2 openssl libstdc++6 libltdl3
   apt-get install perl perl-modules libexpat1 ssh file


Download the Zimbra installation tarball, unpack it, and run "install.sh".


Check /proc/user_beancounters. If there is anything but zero in the failcnt column, start over with higher limits.