Installing vnc server on Fedora

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This howto tells how to install a VNC server inside a Fedora container, so you can use such container as a remote desktop environment.

The guide assumes you run Fedora 12 inside your container.

Installing needed software[edit]

Here is the minimal required set of packages that you need:

yum install vnc-server xauth xkeyboard-config xkbcomp twm xterm

You'd better install some fonts as well, here's the minimum:

yum install 

If you want to run, say, XFCE desktop, you'll also need:

yum install xfce4-{session,panel,settings} xfdesktop

You can also install firefox (which, actually, installs some required libs like gtk-theme-icons etc):

yum install firefox

Running vnc server[edit]

It's as easy as


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