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This article describes OpenVZ standalone services and resources.


We have a single place for all OpenVZ source code - It contains two projects: with legacy OpenVZ components and Virtuozzo components. We use GIT SCM to track changes in source code. Each OpenVZ component is a separate GIT repository. All patches should be reviewed before committing to repository. Please read article How to submit patches before sending patch. Each repository on has a mirror on Github account OpenVZ for your convenience.


OpenVZ project is not bug free project. We use Jira for tracking all OpenVZ bugs. Please read about bug lifecycle before starting to work with bugs.


All OpenVZ download files are placed on and available for download via http and ftp protocols. Download server also has a list of mirrors in different countries. You can help to OpenVZ by setup a mirror.

To monitor status of OpenVZ download mirrors we have special page - OpenVZ download mirrors. It shows availability of all mirror sites and up-to-date status.

Also we have download server with obsoleted content - Periodically we review files on and move old files to This page contains all moved files and directories.


There is special site Planet OpenVZ which collect all news, blog posts about OpenVZ. We have OpenVZ accounts in social networks.

OpenVZ usage[edit]

It is important to know what versions of OpenVZ people use. We have special utulity vzstats(8) which can collect useful data on OpenVZ servers. You can view all gathered data on See also virtuozzo ecosystem.