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The Virtuozzo Ecosystem is formed by external tools and extensions that complement the functionality provided by the OpenVZ and Virtuozzo.

Ecosystem Coordination[edit]

The Ecosystem Catalog is coordinated through the OpenVZ users mailing lists.

Ecosystem Catalog[edit]

The OpenVZ project does not endorse or recommend any products listed, and cannot vouch for the quality or reliability of any of them.

Product or Project OpenVZ (stable) Virtuozzo 7 Organization Authors
LibCT Yes Yes Parallels-logo.png
Virtuozzo SDK Yes Yes Parallels-logo.png
LibVirt Yes, OpenVZ driver Yes, Virtuozzo driver Parallels-logo.png
Ruby Yes, RubyGem No Stefan Schlesinger (
Configuration management
Puppet Yes, puppet-openvz module No Spotify-logo.png Carla Souza
Chef Yes, kitchen-openvz No Zhelyan Panchev, Jared Russel
Ansible Yes, ansible-openvz No Ilya Rusalowski
Flexiant No Yes, Flexiant APS package Flexiant-logo.png
CT/VM management
Cobbler Yes, README Sergey Podushkin (, Jörgen Maas
Webmin Yes, OpenVZ plugin No
Cloudmin Yes
Archipel Yes Archipel-logo.png
Quattor Yes, see slides
Solus Virtual Manager Yes Solusvm-logo.png
Fabric Yes, OpeVZ module Ronan Amicel
Vagrant Yes, OpenVZ plugin Aslan Brooke
HyperVM Yes Lxcenter-logo.png
Image catalog
Bitnami No Yes Parallels-logo.png
Turnkey Yes, in Proxmox No Proxmox
OpenStack No Yes, since Kilo release Parallels-logo.png
OpenNebula Yes, see wiki Agh-logo.png Dariusz Chrząścik, Marta Ryłko, Radosław Morytko, Supervision: D.Eng. Marcin Jarząb
Plesk Yes, Plesk in VE Yes Parallels-logo.png
cPanel Yes
Mobile apps (iPhone/Android)
iPhone Yes, OpenVZ Remote No Nuovodev
Android No No
Cacti Yes, Integration with Cacti
Munin Yes, Integration with munin
rrdtool Yes, Integration with rrdtool
Zabbix Yes Yes, Virtuozzo template
Nagios Yes, Integration with Nagios
Zenoss Yes, OpenVZ integration Chet Luther, Daniel Robbins
ctop Yes Fastvps-logo.png Sergei A Mamonov
htop Yes Sergey Lychko,
Virtuozzo Storage Yes Yes Parallels-logo.png
Shorewall Yes, OpenVZ integration Shorewall-logo.png Thomas M. Eastep
Fastnetmon Yes Yes Fastvps-logo.png Pavel Odintsov
Linux distributives
Cloud Linux Yes Yes Cloudlinux-logo.png
OWL (OpenWall Linux) Yes Yes Openwall-logo.png
OpenNode Yes Yes Opennode-logo.png
ALT Linux Yes Yes Altlinux-logo.gif
XtreemOS Yes Yes Irisa-logo.png
SaaS, PaaS
Jelastic No Yes Jelastic-logo.png
KernelCare Yes Yes Cloudlinux-logo.png
Sloth CI Yes, OpenVZ extension Sloth-ci-logo.png Konstantin Molchanov

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