UBC parameters table

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User Beancounters
General information
Units of measurement
Parameters description
Primary parameters
numproc, numtcpsock, numothersock, vmguarpages
Secondary parameters
kmemsize, tcpsndbuf, tcprcvbuf, othersockbuf, dgramrcvbuf, oomguarpages, privvmpages
Auxiliary parameters
lockedpages, shmpages, physpages, numfile, numflock, numpty, numsiginfo, dcachesize, numiptent, swappages
User pages accounting
RSS fractions accounting
On-demand accounting
UBC consistency
Consistency formulae
System-wide configuration
Configuration examples
Intermediate configurations
List of parameters
Parameter properties
Config examples
Name Description
Primary parameters
numproc Maximum number of processes and kernel-level threads allowed for this container.
numtcpsock Maximum number of TCP sockets.
numothersock Maximum number of non-TCP sockets (local sockets, UDP and other types of sockets).
vmguarpages Memory allocation guarantee.
Secondary parameters
kmemsize Size of unswappable kernel memory, allocated allocated for processes in this container.
tcpsndbuf Total size of buffers used to send data over TCP network connections.
tcprcvbuf Total size of buffers used to temporary store the data coming from TCP network connections.
othersockbuf Total size of UNIX-domain socket buffers, UDP and other datagram protocol send buffers.
dgramrcvbuf Receive buffers of UDP and other datagram protocols.
oomguarpages The guaranteed amount of memory for the case the memory is “over-booked” (out-of-memory kill guarantee).
privvmpages Memory allocation limit, in pages.
Auxiliary parameters
lockedpages Process pages not allowed to be swapped out (pages locked by mlock(2)).
shmpages Total size of shared memory (IPC, shared anonymous mappings and tmpfs objects), in pages.
physpages Total number of RAM pages used by processes.
numfile Number of open files.
numflock Number of file locks.
numpty Number of pseudo-terminals.
numsiginfo Number of siginfo structures.
dcachesize Total size of dentry and inode structures locked in memory.
numiptent Number of NETFILTER (IP packet filtering) entries.
swappages Amount of swap space to show in container.