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Here are some companies that are working together with OpenVZ project in one or another way. Feel free to add your company profile here (in alphabetical order).

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Atlassian uses OpenVZ in its private cloud (slides "Inside the Atlassian OnDemand Private Cloud" (since slide 40) and video) and as environment "Puppet Camp Tokyo 2014: Fireballs, ice bats and 1,000,000 plugins: a story of continuous delivery" (slide 15).

Computer Tyme[edit]

Computer Tyme is using OpenVZ for their spam filtering service Junk Email Filter dot com. They are active proponents of OpenVZ; Marc Perkel worked at the OpenVZ booth during LinuxWorld Expo 2007.

Fortech I.T. Solutions[edit]

Fortech I.T. Solutions is an IT consulting company based in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) specializing in open-source solutions. We offer services in a variety of areas, including virtualization solutions based on a number of platforms - including OpenVZ.

Impulso Srl[edit]

Impulso offers white label Internet Services and uses OpenVZ cluster for their managed email services like Posta Linda. Impulso also offers support for OpenVZ in Italy.

Inguza Technology AB[edit]

Inguza Technology AB maintains the Debian GNU Linux version of OpenVZ.


At Openwall, we develop our own Open Source software with a focus on security, including Openwall GNU/*/Linux (or Owl for short), a security-enhanced server platform. Our professional services include remote installation (you boot off CD, we do the rest) and maintenance (systems and security administration) of OpenVZ-enabled servers and mini-networks of such servers. We typically use the OpenVZ kernel, the Owl userland for the host system, and arbitrary Linux distributions for the containers (most often that's Owl as well - with additional software to meet your needs). We readily have software solutions for provision of advanced LAMP hosting with cross virtual host security separation within each container (that is, not only the containers are separated due to OpenVZ, but also virtual hosts within containers are separated at the OS level), multi-server backups (incremental, remote, encrypted, integrity-checked), monitoring (many custom Nagios sensors, including for things such as backups, filesystem errors, RAID status, etc.), and more.


OpenWorx is an IT company specialized for small and medium scaled business. Support on Linux and Open Source: webapplications, virtualization (OpenVZ), linux desktops and servers (Ubuntu, Debian, Centos).


Pixar Animation Studios uses OpenVZ as a part of rendering platform.


PlaNetTel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company providing OpenVZ support and appliances besides other Open Source technologies with a focus on SaaS and Asterisk based CRM services. Development and support is assisted by Open Source developer Ap.Muthu and Marketing and Sales by Thomas Festus. The OpenVZ Templates contributed and supported by use include eyeOS, vTigerCRM, OpenGOO / FengOffice, FrontAccounting, Moodle, MediaWiki v1.16., Joomla v1.6, SimpleGroupWare among others. Support for Planettel / GNUAcademy released OpenVZ Templates is available.


Proxmox VE is an easy to use Open Source virtualization platform for running pre-built Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines (based on OpenVZ and KVM for full virtualization).

The Proxmox spam filtering appliance can run as an OpenVZ container. (see Proxmox Mail Gateway in container). Proxmox is also the author of Vzdump utility.

Revolution Linux[edit]

Revolution Linux is an IT company specialized in large scale infrastructure deployement using Open Source technologies. Most/all of our deployements rely extensively on containers (OpenVZ and Linux Vserver). We also offer OpenVZ training to our customers when deploying an infrastructure.

Solarspeed Ltd.[edit]

Solarspeed Ltd. is a CentOS + BlueQuartz server specialist, selling server systems and software solutions. We developed Aventurin{e}, which is a Linux Virtualization Appliance Software. It is based on OpenVZ and is available in a non-clustering and a clustering version. The clustering version uses DRBD and Heartbeat. The GUI interface of Aventurin{e} is based on the BlueQuartz and allows to easily manage and create virtual servers or to perform administrative tasks on the master node. Aventurin{e} is available as ISO image download, as a ready to run Linux Virtualization Appliance or as a ready to run Linux Virtualization Appliance Cluster.[edit]

SpiderTools provides training for OpenVZ servers. Students work on live servers to gain skills on how to implement OpenVZ. 20% of all sales go back to OpenVZ for development. Students will get 6 weeks of live instruction and support.


Thomas-Krenn.AG is a server specialist, selling server systems and solutions. One of the solution products is a pre-installed cluster system, built with Virtuozzo. They published how to build such a cluster with OpenVZ at HA cluster with DRBD and Heartbeat.[edit] uses OpenVZ in development process. See video, slides.


Yandex uses OpenVZ in his own test load system Lunapark. See slides "Танки в Лунапарке: нагрузочное тестирование в Яндексе" (since 108 slide) (RU).

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